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Addison's Disease Awareness

New Project


I have been diagnosed with primary Addisons Disease for over 15 years now. In that time, I have come across so many people in the medical profession and others, who do not know about the disease.

For my next project, I would like to produce a body of work that raises the profile of the disease and helps us all in the future. This is where I need your help.

What I would like to do is:-


  1. Collect photos of people with Addisons Disease - one taken before diagnosis and one after - please email
  2. Produce photos that tell the story of our daily lives - the struggles, treatment, symptoms etc. Please email ideas of what you would like to see included to
  3. This one can only happen in the U.K (I live in Gloucestershire but can travel some distance) or Amsterdam in late September 2017 - I would like to include portraits taken by me of fellow Addisonians if possible. Please contact me if you want to be part of this.

All photos and ideas will form part of an exhibition (either online or physically in a gallery), and will feature in a publication I can send to medical professionals.

You can take part anonymously or be named, entirely up to each person as I know we all have complicated lives.

I want the project to show that we may not always look ill when we are and that when we say we are really ill and need hydrocortisone, we do. There are too many stories of people not getting the treatment they need. I want to try and do something about it.

If you would like to take part, please contact me.

Thank you for reading this. Stay well everyone xx


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