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Born in Coventry, I now live in the beautiful Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.


The aim of my photography is to show the diversity, beauty, strength, and enthusiasm for life of ordinary people. Most of my work involves non-models or those aspiring to become models. I place ordinary people in often extreme or exaggerated circumstances to demonstrate to the world the meaning of being human.


On this journey, my models learn more about themselves and often experience a feeling of freedom and acceptance for who they are. I look for and inject humour and confidence into all my work.


I also enjoy working with abstraction and developing forms that do not follow logical criteria. The forms are based on subjective associations and formal parallels, which incite the viewer to make new personal associations with the world around them.


These abstraction projects focus on discovering abstract expressions of beauty in the natural world. I find both joy and tension in the photographic process that covers everything from discovering subjects and photographing them in such a way as to emphasise my reading of the world as essentially abstract, to the editing that helps to deconstruct the resultant forms so that the meaning is shifted.


My work opens up a poetic vein and a fragility, which is emphasised by the multifaceted images.


I travel for projects and am currently completing my MA Photography through Falmouth University.

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